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By choosing to specialize in WordPress, which powered more than a third of the web, I make sure to put myself at the service of all and master the tool I offer.

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How to fix the Gravity Form error “Call to a member function can_be_used() on bool”

This article is more for my future self, but it may help others. Following the upgrade to Gravity Form 2.6.2, I found myself on several sites I maintain with a fatal error looking like: [06-May-2022 20:30:52 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function can_be_used() on bool in /var/www/my-great-website/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/common.php:2813 Stack trace: I […]

Easily post your Facebook page feed.

I had a simple need these last few days… to display the feed of a Facebook page on a client site. Of course, I looked at the existing extensions and… I must admit that there are a ton of them! A ton is good… but nothing really corresponded to my needs, because it was too […]

Deploy your website with Github Actions

I already told you about Github Actions in a previous article to easily publish your WordPress extension on the official extensions repository Today, the idea is to automatically deploy your developments when you push your changes to GitHub State of the art Currently, I publish my changes to my clients’ WordPress sites through DeployHQ.com . […]

Save Private Mozilla

Today, I take the keyboard to talk to you about anything other than WordPress. Mozilla, the entity that develops the excellent web browser Firefox has announced to remove another 1/4 of its staff. Job cuts are not the main problem… Behind Mozilla’s announcement hides something much more serious in my opinion … since the disappearance […]