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WordPress is the easiest way to create a website corresponding to your activity.
I propose you my services on Internet Website :

You already have a website, I propose to you to manage the technical part of your site in order to you free up time for your activity.

I implement only the open source WordPress solution to offer the power of the service at a fair price calculated.

By choosing to specialize in WordPress which powers almost a third of the web, I make sure to put myself at the service of all and master the tools that I propose.

Do you have a WordPress site and need a specific feature? Contact me and we will see together the best solution.


WordPress Plugins

Real Estate Mail Alert

Real Estate Mail Alert is a version of the extension I created: WPCasa Mail Alert. The main difference is that Real Estate Mail alert works with any type of publication and is therefore no longer linked to WPCasa. I took the opportunity to completely rewrite the extension so that it…

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Sell Your WordPress products easily with Freemius.

Freemius is a 3rd-party e-commerce solution to sell your WordPress Plugins and Theme. You can have your product on the WP Repo and sell the premium version on your website. Without Simple Freemius Shop, you’ll have to copy html code inside your WordPress website. With Simple Freemius Shop, you get…

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OpenAgenda for WordPress

Openagenda for WordPress

Are you tired of copying paste incomprehensible iframes to display your events on your site? Combine the ease of WordPress with the power of OpenAgenda.com OpenAgenda for WordPress is a freemium available for free on the official repository of WordPress extensions that has a Pro version unlocking the ability to…

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Add Mail Alert to your WPCasa website

You want IT to simplify the management of your real estate agency,? Now use the WP Casa Mail-Alert Pro plugin. WP Casa Mail-Alert Pro allows you to add to your real estate website a Widget allowing your visitors to receive an alert by email when you add or modify a…

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Easily create your own Gutenberg blocks with Carbon Fields

Introduction of Carbon Fields Carbon Fields is a competing solution of the famous Advanced Custom Field (ACF) but has the distinction of being able to be embedded in your themes and plugins. Indeed, you can not use ACF Pro in your free plugins for example the WordPress repository. Like ACF,…

Using Lando to develop under Docker !

A few months ago, it was tested to manage development environments. The major advantage of Docker is to develop locally on the technical basis of the server. Admit that it is tempting when on sites hosted by different providers (Even if at the moment they are at O2Switch) with the…

Create a Composer repository to manage your premium extensions

Admit it, if you have several sites to maintain and you do not want to go through the button “update” for practical reasons and speed, the premium extensions are pretty boring to manage. What solutions to update your WordPress premium extensions? You have severals solutions: Go to the site of…

3 minutes to install WordPress!

We read everywhere that it takes 5 minutes to install WordPress … and it’s FALSE! We were lied to! It can be installed much faster … The proof in video! Those of you who have already installed a multisite know that after installing WordPress, you must enter constants in the…

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