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I only implement open source WordPress solutions in order to offer the power of services at a fair price.

By choosing to specialize in WordPress, which powers nearly a third of the web, I make myself available to everyone and master the tools I offer.

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Communicate easily via your customer site dashboard with WordPress Dashboard

Presentation Today, I present a new PluginWordPress that I had the idea for during a WordPress development mission outsourced by an agency. The principle is simple, easily pass alerts or information to your customers avoiding the plague of our 21st century: I named e-mail! ThePlugin is....

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WP Pericles Import

Gateway between WordPress and Pericles 5

Pericles5 is a proprietary real estate management software published by Poliris, which allows a real estate agency to manage the stock of properties for sale or for rent. The export of goods to the agency's website is possible but complex due to the proprietary nature of the agency...

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Real Estate Mail Alert

Give visitors to your real estate agency's website the opportunity to receive an alert by email if a property matches their search.

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OpenAgenda for WordPress

Manage your Openagenda events directly from your WordPress Back Office this is possible with Openagenda4WP! Simplify your Openagenda

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Publish your Plugin on the WordPress repository with GitHub Actions!

This article will probably talk toPlugin WordPress developers who publish on the WordPress repository... and those who don't publish there so they don't have to use SVN. Indeed SVN is in a way the ancestor of GIT and nowadays rare are the developers who are not...

Use Lando to develop your WordPress projects locally

Why is Lando a good solution for developing with WordPress locally? Inventory of the situation!

Easily display your Openagenda.com calendars on your WordPress site with OpenAgenda for WordPress

Openagenda.com is an online diary service. Its main interest is to behave as a social network of events. You can easily share an event or a complete calendar on your own calendar by aggregating feeds automatically. Openagenda offers a fairly complete system for integrating its calendars into your sites....

Geocode an address without using Google Maps

We have long been used to using Google's tools and services to do a lot of things... only good things have an end and some of these services close or become paid for. As part of the development of my PluginOpenAgenda for WordPress, I need to...

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