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I only implement the Free WordPress solution in order to offer the power of the services at an always controlled rate.

By choosing to specialize in WordPress, which powered more than a third of the web, I make sure to put myself at the service of all and master the tool I offer.

You have a WordPress site and need a specific feature? Contact me and we’ll see together the best solution.


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Thivinfo présente un nouveau service: paroisse-catholique.fr - Institut Siburt pour le ministère de l'Église

Thivinfo presents a new service: paroisse-catholique.fr

The Internet is at the centre of our lives and is the main communication tool. Don’t miss out on your parishioners & their needs. Create your website easily.

Comment je suis passé à Lando pour développer en utilisant Docker ! - Logistique

How I switched to Lando to develop using Docker!

A few months ago I tested Docker to manage my development environments. The major advantage of Docker is to be able to develop locally on the same technical basis of the server. Admit that it’s tempting when you have sites hosted by different providers (even if most of them for my case are at O2Switch […]

Contribuer à WordPress

How to Easily Contribute to WordPress

If you are reading me, you are probably using my favorite CMS, WordPress. WordPress is a free software or Open-Source in English. This means that the software code is available and you can modify and improve it as you wish… There are some limitations though… you have to share your improvements. Why contribute? I think […]

Le multisite dans WordPress : Pourquoi? Comment? - Plan ouvert

Multisite in WordPress: Why? How do I do it?

In this tutorial, I’ll explain what a WordPress multi-site is, why set it up and most importantly how! What is a multi-site? Most of you might be familiar with “classic” WordPress, or “single” WordPress as it is also called. It is an installation of our CMS that will be used to proudly power a website. […]