Today, I take the keyboard to talk to you about anything other than WordPress. Mozilla, the entity that develops the excellent web browser Firefox has announced to remove another 1/4 of its staff.

Job cuts are not the main problem…

Behind Mozilla’s announcement hides something much more serious in my opinion … since the disappearance of Firefox would lead to an influx to its competitor Google Chrome and would give even more weight to this giant that has made monopoly its hobbyhorse.

Yeah, but I like Google Chrome!

Yes and nobody prevents you from using it but in order to keep a semblance of freedom in this world, it would be nice to use Mozilla Firefox too in order to make it take market share and give faith to its developers.

The goal is not to see Firefox with a 90% market share as Nicolas Hoffman explains very well in his tweet :

The goal is to keep the choice to use Firefox, Chrome, Edge or any other web browser so that none of them have a monopoly and dictate its rules and deprive us of our freedom of choice and incidentally resell our personal data.

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