Today I’d like to share a new project that I hope will be of great use to some of you.

Once upon a time 5p2p

I worked for just over 2 years for the charity 5 Pains et 2 Poissons, whose aim was to facilitate digital access for church associations.

As a WordPress developer, I produced websites for religious institutions and congregations. This experience enabled me to discover a world that needs to communicate effectively… but doesn’t have the means to do so.

WordPress at the service of the Catholic Church!

At the end of this experience, the idea came to me to create a service that would enable parishes with low incomes to access a quality web service that met today’s web standards.

What does offer? offers a turnkey solution that allows you to create your own parish website without any technical knowledge.

  • Easily publish news for your parishioners
  • Plan your parish and local events
  • free yourself from constraints, manage only the communication of your parish easily.
  • Make it easy for your parishioners to contact you
  • Easily set up donation campaigns (denier du culte, donations, etc.)

What areas are available?

For the time being, you can obtain a sub-domain of one of the following domains as part of your subscription:

  • your personalized domain…

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