Easily Compare Affiliates on Your WordPress Site with Compare Affiliated Products

Compare Affiliated Products is the new WordPress extension of Thivinfo.

It is intended to facilitate the display of affiliate products on your WordPress site.

It allows for the moment to recover daily the flows produced on the awin.com affiliate platform.

Soon other platforms can be integrated as Effiliation.

Are you using AAWP on your site to sell Amazon affiliate products?

This extension allows you to propose the prices of the products displayed at Awin’s affiliated partners (Cdiscount, Rue du Commerce, Darty …).

Finally, many hooks have been disseminated through the code, to allow developers to easily interact with the extension and thus customize the experience a little more.


  • Short code to display the products and affiliate buttons where ever you want on your site
  • Choice of your country
  • Choosing Your Display Currency
  • Options to Hide Affiliate Links (cloaking)
  • Ability to connect to an external database (Having active extension) to share affiliation data between several sites (1 master – infinite number of “slave” site)
  • Scheduling download of Awin streams via cron (Every 4h, 2 times daily, daily)
  • Integration into AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Extension) with a template folder to paste into your child theme.
  • Integration of Awin’s “convert a link” option
  • Effiliation Platform added

Voir la documentation


=1.2.0 == 04/10/2018
* IMPROVMENT: Add Effiliation Platform
* IMPROVMENT: Correct Database schema to allow easy new future platform integration
* IMPROVMENT: Adapt AAWP Table Template

= 1.1.5 == 27/09/2018
* Improve style
* BUGFIX: remove PHP Notices and Warnings
* Improvment: Amazon Prices are allways on top

= 1.1.4 == 23/09/2018
* BUGFIX: affiliate button link
* BUGFIX: Make an external connection only if asked!
* BUGFIX: several PHP Warning removed
* FEATURES: Add message on succes or fail to external connexion
* FEATURES: Add an affiliation program. Become a Afiliated user and win money.
* IMPROVMENT: fr_FR translation (Translate Comapre affiliated Product 
in your language and win 1 years of subscription for Free (5sites plans)
* IMPROVMENT: Helps added

= 1.1.3 == 21/09/2018
* Improve fr_FR translation
* add compare.pot
* Improve AAWP Templates

= 1.1.2 == 19/09/2018
* Add settings for AAWP templates
* Improve AAWP Templates

= 1.1.1 == 16/09/2018
* Add Cron management (None, Every 4 hours, Daily & TwiceDaily
* Add Transients to improve display time
* Add filter hook compare_partners_code
* Add filter hook compare_time_limit
* Improve Doc
* Bugfix: correct the URL to dl the GZ Archive in Awin.com

= 1.1.0 == 14/09/2018
* Add External DB connection
* Add Docs
* Add Translations (fr_FR)

= 1.0.3 == 07/09/2018
* Bugfix in DB created
* Simplification of Awin Settings
* Add Logs

= 1.0.2 == 05/09/2018
* increase WP memory to allow large file treatment
* add docs
* add fr_FR translations

= 1.0.1 = 04sept2018
* Correct datafeed URL in settings
* Correct bug in Template chooser

= 1.0 =

* Initial release.

Single Site

30 days trial

Annual Price

29.99 $

5 Sites

30 days trial

Annual Price

79.99 $

10 Sites

30 days trial

Annual Price

129.99 $

Unlimited Sites

30 days trial

Annual Price

199.99 $

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