Easily post your Facebook page feed.

I had a simple need these last few days… to display the feed of a Facebook page on a client site. Of course, I looked at the existing extensions and… I must admit that there are a ton of them!

A ton is good… but nothing really corresponded to my needs, because it was too complex to set up, required a Facebook account to create an application. In short, what I needed was simply what Facebook offers on its “plugin page”.

So of course… I could have coded my thing in my corner… and I said to myself… if I have the need, then surely others too… so make an extension my brave Séb !

A new extension by thivinfo.com

It is a very simple extension, there is a shortcode and a block for the new editor (thanks to Marie Comet).
The shortcode [\simple_wall] waits for at least one slug
parameter which waits for the slug of your Facebook page…

Example : the short code [\simple_wall slug="MotoGP"] (without the slash which has been added so that WP doesn’t interpret it) should display the feed of the Facebook page dedicated to this sport of which we are world champion (how do I get away from that ?).

Here it is in action:
[simple_wall slug=’MotoGP’]

The Gutenberg block “Simple Wall” is available in the list of blocks and also waits for the slug of the page to display.

The 2 other optional parameters are the width and the height of display.

The planned evolutions…

I use Twitter more (which is quite simple since I don’t have a FB account) and I wonder if I could evolve the extension to display the Twitter feed as well… tell me in comments if you’re interested.

3 minutes to install WordPress!

We read everywhere that it takes 5 minutes to install WordPress… and it’s FALSE! We’ve been lied to! We can install it much faster than that…

The proof in video!

Those of you who have already installed a multisite know that after installing WordPress, you have to enter constants in the wp-config.php to activate this mode, go to the Back-Office, configure the network and return to the wp-config.php to paste a pad of constants as well as in the .htaccess … in short much more than with the script I have concocted!

How does it work ?

I’ve created a bash script that, when you run it, asks you a few questions.

Nothing nasty, it’s the information you would enter during the routine of installing a WordPress via your favorite browser.

Once the answers are recorded, the script launches the installation and the multisite is ready … in 3 minutes!

Of course this script will need wp-cli to work.

Command line interface for WordPress | WP-CLI

Command line interface for WordPress | WP-CLI

WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress. You can update plugins, configure multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.


I’d like to have the Seb Scripts!

Yeat get it on Github 😉

WP Grid Builder to easily create a faceted search system with WordPress

Today I am going to present you a French solution to create a faceted search system!

What is a faceted search?

A faceted search is a technique for narrowing the results as search criteria are selected.

But if you know, you come up on a page with 200 T-shirts. You select your size, there are 128 choices, then the color, there are 50 possibilities, then the price and you get the only model you can afford!

Until not so long ago, you had to use the FacetWP extension on WordPress but recently, a new extension developed in the south of France has appeared: WP Grid Builder.

If FacetWP is limited to offer a developer-oriented tool to create facets, WP Grid Builder is a consumer-oriented tool and does not only offer facets.

Facets and content grids

Indeed, it also offers the display of grids and templates, all easily manageable in the backoffice of your WordPress.
So non-developers will be able to create a page with a faceted search box and display the results as a grid without a line of code.

WP Grid Builder for developers.

You are a developer then benefit from all the power of WP Grid Builder by creating your facets and templates directly in your projects.

WP Grid Builder has been thought so that WordPress web site developers can easily realize all kinds of projects. So they will find PHP and JS functions and hooks.

Of course, a detailed documentation of the functions is available on its website

WP Grid Builder for non-developers.

Aren’t you developers?

Nothing serious, Loïc thought of everything. You will be able to create your facets, grids and maps directly in the back-office and display your creations via short codes or Gutenberg blocks for the new editor.

Hello, Doctor? I’ve got a problem!

Who has never been in front of his website or that of an equipped customer does not do what we want”? That’s when the support of paid extensions comes into play… and with WP Grid Builder, as a French speaking person we are spoiled since Loïc lives in the south of France.

So he answers in French on our time zone… which brings a reactivity that is always appreciated!

Nothing beats examples!

As they say: A picture is worth 1000 words. I just replaced FacetWP on Thivinfo.com by WP Grid Builder.

Check out the result:

Have fun 🙂