If you are reading me, you are probably using my favorite CMS, WordPress.WordPress is a free software or Open-Source in English. This means that the software code is available and you can modify and improve it as you wish… There are some limitations though… you have to share your improvements.

Why contribute?

I think there are as many reasons to contribute to the WordPress project as there are contributors…The reason that comes up a lot when talking to other contributors is :
I contribute to WordPress to give back to the CMS and its community.
You will probably have your own reason, but being part of this adventure will have a place in this choice.

The different ways to contribute to the WordPress project.

When we talk about contribution, most people think about code: Contribute by making improvements to the CMS via code. But not everyone is a developer, and yet we can all contribute!There are (for the moment) 18 contribution poles. You can join them by visiting this page: https://make.wordpress.org/ which is the central portal for WordPress contribution.
les poles de contributions à WordPress
These 18 poles would be the official ways to contribute to WordPress, but there are many other ways to contribute.JB Audras has started a series of articles on the topic of contributing to the Heart of WordPress.

Contribute by posting

Feeling literary-minded? Write articles on your website about WordPress. Whether it’s a technical explanation of a development project or an explanation of how you use a particular extension… that’s Contribute to WordPress.

Contribute by organizing or participating in WordPress events

Going to a WordPress Meetup? or a WordCamp is a beginning of contribution because you are making a move for the WordPress CMS. You’re going to talk about it, go back to it. In short, you’ll be contributing to the community.Of course, the next step after participating in an event is often to participate as an organizer or volunteer at WordCamp. Be aware that at each WordCamp there is a call for volunteers. WordCamp Volunteers are the little hands that make the event a success.At the moment there are 4 WordCamps in France:If you feel like travelling, there are some in the whole world! Here are the next ones in Europe and in the worldEach of these events will make calls and I invite you to follow the Twitter accounts of each of them to stay informed.You don’t live near one of these 4/5 WordCamps? You don’t see yourself traveling across France to meet us? We’re sad to say, but there are WordPress events all over the place (check out the WPFR calendar)I hope that these few lines which are far from relating all the possible forms of contributions will make you want to dig into the subject 😉If you are interested in contributing to WordPress but don’t know how to start, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, I’ll try to help you as much as possible.

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