Sanctuaire Notre Dame des Grâce de Cotignac

The Sanctuaire of Notre Dame des Graces in Cotignac, managed by the Brothers of St. John, called upon my services for the complete redesign of their website.

In order to reduce costs and since the sanctuary is administered by the Brothers of St. John for whom I developed their network of sites, we started on the basis of the Underscore theme of the Brothers of St. John and the WP Bakery Page Builder elements already developed.

Today, the Brothers of St John in Cotignac benefit from a modern website hosted and maintained by me on a fast and reliable dedicated server

ergonomists portal

The Ergonomists’ Portal is a project led by Thivinfo during a website redesign. Previously developed to measure, maintenance had become complicated and tedious.

The purpose of the website is to:

  • gather all the information about the profession of ergonomists in one place.
  • connect ergonomists with their audience.
  • to publish the CVs of ergonomists looking for a job
  • Publish industry employer announcements.

Thiverval-Grignon Townhall

Since 2012, the town hall of the commune of Thiverval-Grignon trusts me for the complete management of their site.

I manage for the town hall the domain names, the hosting, the WordPress maintenance, the theme and the extensions. Some extensions created to measure ensures special cases such as the management of school restaurant menus.

Initially created under an in-house CMS at another provider, I redesigned it under WordPress.

Initially created on a Premium theme, the current child theme is based on TwentyFourteen of WordPress and evolves regularly.


The company Dilem’Etik located in Chavenay (78) is specialized in the creation of labels, engraving and signage.
It called upon Thivinfo for the creation of its e-commerce website. is a website created with WordPress by another developer than me a few years ago.

Spot Travel is a dematerialized travel agency located in Chavenay in the Yvelines, a small village a few kilometers from my home. The site had a lot of malfunctions, especially in the search engine and menus whose entries pointed to unknown pages.

So my service consisted in taking the graphic theme while adapting it to fit the way WordPress works and thus perpetuate the development.

The search engine was redesigned in order to create a faceted search system and thus facilitate the navigation of travelers looking for trips.

Brothers of St John

The Brothers of St John are a religious community of the French Catholic Church present in France and abroad in monasteries.

They needed an institutional site, a site representing the Community in France as well as the possibility for each of the monasteries who wish to have their own site.

To carry out this project, WordPress multisite was set up as well as a management of the Multi-domain.

We have created 3 themes, 1 parent (Institutional) and 2 children (France & monasteries).

The layout of the site consists of a theme based on Underscore and the famous WP Bakery Visual Composer for which custom elements have been created.

The International Association for Deliverance called on me to redesign their website. Without any particular request except to modernize and make the site responsive, I stayed on what I know how to do best … simple and functional 😉

Technically, the theme used is none other than Underscore, the starter theme developed by the WordPress community and a faceted search system has been set up for the selection of publications thanks to WP Grid Builder .

The multilingual part is powered by Polylang.

Here is a nice project conducted jointly with Valérie Galassi and Thomas Villain! is a networking platform for professionals from different sectors.

Thomas was in charge of the redesign of the graphic charter and the integration of the theme, Valérie worked in project management and it was no small task 😉 As for me, I managed all the back-end development and especially the management of the roles of each user, the interaction between WooCommerce, Subscription and Thomas’ custom theme.

In order to facilitate the search for projects and providers, we used the faceted search system that I presented you earlier: WP Grid Builder