Sanctuaire Notre Dame des Grâce de Cotignac

The Sanctuaire of Notre Dame des Graces in Cotignac, managed by the Brothers of St. John, called upon my services for the complete redesign of their website.

In order to reduce costs and since the sanctuary is administered by the Brothers of St. John for whom I developed their network of sites, we started on the basis of the Underscore theme of the Brothers of St. John and the WP Bakery Page Builder elements already developed.

Today, the Brothers of St John in Cotignac benefit from a modern website hosted and maintained by me on a fast and reliable dedicated server

Brothers of St John

The Brothers of St John are a religious community of the French Catholic Church present in France and abroad in monasteries.

They needed an institutional site, a site representing the Community in France as well as the possibility for each of the monasteries who wish to have their own site.

To carry out this project, WordPress multisite was set up as well as a management of the Multi-domain.

We have created 3 themes, 1 parent (Institutional) and 2 children (France & monasteries).

The layout of the site consists of a theme based on Underscore and the famous WP Bakery Visual Composer for which custom elements have been created.