Today, I’m going to introduce you a slightly different article as I’m going to introduce you a theme…

Hey! what’s your theme?

The theme I wanted to talk to you about is none other than the one you see on Kawi by Vincent Dubroeucq

Why Kawi?

It’s quite simple, I’m not a front-end developer, I didn’t want to develop a theme from A to Z knowing that colleagues from the French WordPress community had already developed some good ones…

My friend Marie Comet simply made me discover Vincent’s theme by telling me:

  • It’s light
  • respectful of WordPress development best practices and accessibility (a11y)
  • easy to customize

Bingo! I will use it!

Child theme VS starter theme?

I asked myself: are you going to use it as a starter theme or more classically by creating a child theme?

In addition to the official WordPress theme directory version, Vincent also offers his theme on Github. The advantage of this version is that it offers the SASS sources that composes the stylesheet. It is therefore a more oriented version for developers who would like to use it as a working base…

Ok, but do I want to cut myself off from the improvements that Vincent could bring to his theme? not really, so I opted to create a child theme to keep the possible future evolutions of the theme.

The version you see here is the child version of the theme available for free on the WordPress directory.

Why changing theme?

And why not?!

First of all because the previous one based on the Humescores theme by Morten Rand-Hendriksen had grown over the years. After 4 years or so, through tests, graphic and functional modifications… the theme had become heavy to manage and to load.

And then the desire to change a little too!

What changes were made?

Not a lot because as a great artist in front of the eternal, I took almost the same style and layout of the home page!

The difference is rather under the hood because the CSS of my child theme is created thanks to SASS which allowed me to discover the excellent Prepros tools avoiding me an installation of an additional tool like Gulp and its multiple dependencies never up to date when I want to use it.


The result is a faster website, more accessible to people with disabilities or using adapted equipment. For me, it’s a lighter theme to maintain and ready to evolve according to my future ideas…

8 comments on “Kawi: The WordPress Theme you will love

  • missacacia


    J’ai adopté ce thème mais aucun de mes sous menus ne s’affiche.
    Y a t-il quelque chose à faire en particulier ?


  • keusta


    un petit conseil de graphiste, la lecture sur grand écran (1920w) est pénible.
    Le confort de lecture se situe entre 60/70 signes par lignes (caractères + espace compris).
    Il existe une méthode responsive pour afficher du texte en respectant ce ratio : (forké, l’original n’est pas de moi)

    Je suis justement en train de créer mon premier thème et votre article affiché dans le flux rss de l’admin wordpress m’a amené ici 🙂

  • Marie

    Super d’ailleurs je l’utilise sur mon site !

  • Charlotte

    Bonjour je trouve ce thème très beau, cependant j’ai créé un thème enfant dont les modifications de style ne s’appliquent pas, avez-vous pu changer des éléments depuis un thème enfant ? merci !

    • Sebastien Serre


      Effectivement j’utilise bien un thème enfant sur
      Lorsque vous inspectez votre site, la feuille de style du thème enfant est-elle bien chargée?
      Avez-vous suivi un tutoriel pour créer votre thème enfant? Si oui lequel ?

      • Charlotte

        Merci de votre réponse, j’ai effectivement suivi d’abord le tutoriel du site La Marmite pour créer un thème enfant, mais les modifs de style ne fonctionnaient pas. Puis j’ai suivi le tuto de Vincent

        après plusieurs essais infructueux, dans mon nouveau fichier functions.php j’ai changé la ligne :
        wp_enqueue_style( ‘child-styles’, get_stylesheet_uri(), array( ‘kawi-style’ ) );

        en ajoutant un s au mot style :

        wp_enqueue_style( ‘child-styles’, get_stylesheet_uri(), array( ‘kawi-styles’ ) );

        et enfin ça marche … je n’y comprends rien mais j’espère que ce n’est pas trop bricolé.

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